Aaron wants to build the right kind of growth. This means investing in infrastructure that supports cross-border trade. Right now, trucks have to wait for hours just to get to the border. This short-sightedness is costing us jobs to Texas and California, states that recognize the importance of trade to their economies. Aaron will work to improve our relationship with Mexico, streamline the border, and create high-paying jobs for all Arizonans.


There are some problems you can't hide from. Arizona ranks 46th out of 50 states in education achievement. We must invest in our schools and in our children. Aaron is committed to lowering university tuition, funding community colleges, and creating a high-skilled, highly-educated workforce. Aaron will think outside the box when it comes to reform. He will support innovations that build better schools at lower costs, available to all Arizonans.


We live in the desert, where water is our most precious commodity. We can't let outside interests pollute our water, use our water, or tell us how to use our water. We have to invest in the land ourselves. The proposed Rosemont mine will supposedly bring jobs, but at what cost? Will we all suffer because government interests failed to protect our health and our communities? Aaron will work for water solutions that legitimize industry and ensure our communities grow and prosper. This kind of thinking builds jobs that last