Arizona LD2 Endorsements

US Congressman Raúl Grijalva

"I am endorsing Aaron Baumann for the State House of Representatives in Legislative District 2. Aaron is exactly the kind of new voice we need in our broken political system. He will be a champion for public education and environmental protection. He will defend under-served and under-represented communities--like Nogales and southern Tucson--that desperately need a voice in our legislature. He has the work ethic and the energy to defeat the Republican incumbent, and to continue to change minds and win victories once elected. 

While the state has drained money from our schools, Aaron has fought to put more money in our schools and classrooms. He will continue this fight in office. He has deep roots in southern Arizona, and a love for the region. It inspires me to see his generation step up to serve our state. 

Aaron and I share a view about the importance of conservation and land stewardship. Aaron is the only candidate to openly and forcefully oppose the Rosemont Mine, on the grounds that it threatens our water security and economic future.

Lastly, Aaron's views on immigration are compassionate and humane. He has worked to prevent the separation of families and protect the dignity of all people. This is important as the legislature seeks to to divide and marginalize people of our state. He is the kind of candidate we should rally behind. I am proud to endorse him and give him my support."

- Congressman Raúl Grijalva

Arizona AFL-CIO

Sierra Club

Pima Area Labor Federation

Santa Cruz County Superintendent of Schools Alfredo Velasque